Fix Your Leg Length Discrepancy with Heel Lifts from American Heelers

November 24, 2023 13


Do you suffer from a leg length discrepancy that causes discomfort and pain in your back, hips, and knees? The heel lifts from American Heelers can help!

Our heel lifts are specially designed to provide a customizable lift to your shoe, which helps to even out the length of your legs. They're perfect for anyone who experiences discomfort or pain due to a difference in leg length. They're easy to use and can be adjusted to provide the perfect level of lift for your individual needs. With our heel lifts, you'll experience relief from discomfort and pain caused by a leg length discrepancy. You'll be able to walk and stand with ease and feel more comfortable in your own body.


So why suffer from a leg length discrepancy any longer? Email us at or call 216-378-2686 to order your heel lifts today and start enjoying a more comfortable, pain-free life!

Phone: 216-378-2686
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