Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Mumbai

December 9, 2021 7


Dealing with man breasts? Find the best Gynecomastia Surgery cost in Mumbai. Glamyo Health offers you not just one but 400+ highly specialized surgeons and doctors that are trained with an experience of 21+ years to treat conditions like Gynecomastia.

While Gynecomastia is a condition that can be noticed physically, it can cause most patients emotional and psychological trauma. This can further lead to self-consciousness, social anxiety, eating disorders, bullying, self-isolation, and other traumas.

Gynecomastia is generally caused by reducing levels of male hormones called testosterone or an increase of female hormones called oestrogen, which leads to swollen breast tissues and even breast tenderness. It causes the development of excess fat on your pectoral muscles leading to the appearance of a female-like chest in men, ranging from simply puffy nipples to full-blown breast development.

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